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Seattle 2018

As we did in 2017 and 2016 (I didn’t blog that) WM and I went to Seattle to visit our friends last week. It was a great trip, expensively extended by a day due to a cancelled flight. This post is VERY photo heavy.

Day 1

WM and I have completely different travel aesthetics. I always dress as if I’m headed to a resort, and he dresses as if he’s going to explore ruins. We stand out in crowds.

We paid extra for these exit row seats, and my reward was having 60+ butts in front of my face as they stood directly in my legroom to wait for the bathroom. No bueno.

So many butts.

After a lovely breakfast at Cafe Kopi, we went to the Funko HQ store.

Funko Headquarters store.

I was expecting a little bit more but it was just a store. There was a make-your-own-Funko-Pop area which I was really jazzed about, because I was going to make one that looked like me. But you’re tied down to 2 models, and that day one was a monster and one was Freddy Funko.

I didn’t see any products that I couldn’t have purchased elsewhere. In fact, there were some new ones released at SDCCSan Diego ComicCon that day and I was a little bit miffed to be honest. There were quite a bit of cute photo opportunities and I ended up with a Kenny Omega Pop to go with my tiny collection of pro wrestlers so, all good.

We stopped at Toggle’s Bottle Shop for a beer and I bought a shirt because the logo was too darn cute. Dinner was at Diamond Knot Brewery (many, many breweries in Seattle). I did not buy a shirt but I bought a coconut beer that I regretted later.

And then we went back to the house and I collapsed into bed because we were up at 5am.

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Friday 5: Guestimation

Another week in the book of Life. WM is still hobbled from the wicked fall he took at work, Ollie is still a Good Dog, and Murphy is still a Good Dog … in Training. I should be going outside and planting herbs and (more) grass seed before tomorrow’s scheduled rain but it’s so dreary and damp out.

Instead it’s on to the Friday 5!

WM: Wait…you said you did the Friday 5?
Me: Yes!
WM: On a Friday?
Me: Yes.
WM: The Friday 5. On a … Friday you say?
WM: The devil, you say!

This week’s theme is Guestimation. Let’s get to it.

1. How well do you adjust to sleeping in an unfamiliar place?

Like a boss. I am a World Class Sleeper. I carry earplugs with me when I travel in case of weird noise, but all I need is some pillows and a heavy blanket and I’m gone.

Which…I’ve found lately that hotels are really lightening up with their bed-coverings. Now it’s usually just a sheet and a feather-light comforter. Or worse, a sheet, a slightly heavier sheet, and a quilted … strip? … that goes across the bed for decoration and offers no warmth. Bah.

2. When were you recently someone’s guest, and when were you recently someone’s host?

We had WM’s family over for Christmas 2 years ago and I’m hoping they can come back this year. Last year we were guests at a friend’s house in Seattle, and other than the grave mistake of sharing one suitcase with WM, it went very well.

3. What’s the ickiest place where you’ve ever showered or bathed?

If a place is icky, I won’t bathe there. I’m not a sweaty person, so if it means skipping a day (or two) of hygiene, I’m COMPLETELY fine with that.

4. What’s something you don’t need but insist on taking when you travel?

I carry eye drops everywhere, because once every 2 years or so, my eyes get really dry and red. I never, ever, want to be unprepared for that misery, so … eye drops.

5. Who’s got a comfy couch?

I have a comfy couch! It’s still the red couch I bought back in 2006. I’ve had to re-stuff the back pillows and the color’s quite faded, but it’s covered in quilts and every night the dogs and I hop on it for “sofa time!” I can sleep (and have slept) for days on that thing. It’s actually where I prefer to sleep if I’m really sick.

Happy Friday!

My Celebrity Freebie list, 2015 edition

Like almost every other blogger out there, I’ve been crawling through Friends on Netflix.

Kids, schmids. I never would have broken up with that.

Like years ago, my favorites are Phoebe and Chandler. Rachel annoys and Ross can just pound sand. What a jerk. I just finished up season 3, a season I originally boycotted because I was mad that Monica and Richard broke up. Once I got over my grief I caught most of it in reruns. One of my favorite episodes in Season 3 is “The One with Frank Jr.” which had the gang’s Celebrity Freebie list as a subplot.

I’ve always had a Celebrity Freebie list, but it’s due for a refresh for 2015…

1) George Clooney – always
2) Jason Bateman – my first TV crush
3) Nick Offerman – Filthy fun
4) Angelina Jolie – mmmmmm
5) and Bill Clinton. Oh look!

Former occupants include Dave Matthews, Chandler Bing (the character, not the actor), Gerard Butler, Jonathan Knight, and George Michael.

Happy Presidents Day! Thanks to the Founders for creating a country where I can be off from work and create a list of famous people that I’d shag.

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