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Breaking up is hard to do

It pains me to tell you this. But I’m ending CookieCam early this year. It just didn’t work out as I planned. Why?

  • Late hours at the job leave me exhausted at night. The last two years I was out of work at 2pm, so I had time to bake AND do housework. And housework is necessary because…
  • …my inlaws are coming to visit for Christmas. They’re arriving in two days, and will be staying at our place…
  • …so any time we’ve had free these last 2 weeks, we’ve spent redoing a room into a guestroom. It came out nice.
  • My kitchen is a disaster area. Seriously. I have to give it a top-down scrubbing. By tomorrow night.
  • Have I mentioned yet that I still have shopping to do??

    I will tell you tentatively that YES, there will be CookieCam next year. Without the guest room looming over our heads, it’ll be calmer. Unless I have a kid by then, which is something we’ve talked about, but a decision we haven’t committed to yet. So calm down.

    If I’ve promised you cookies, you will receive cookies, hopefully by New Year. I’m going to continue to bake here and there, but without the pomp and circumstance of tripods, cameras, and laptops, I can get them done quicker.

    Anyway, thank you for watching and messaging. I’m sorry I promised and touted something I couldn’t really deliver.

    This blog, however, isn’t going away any time soon. It’s almost my 2 year blogiversary!

  • CookieCam, day 1

    Wt: Didn’t weigh yet..
    Breakfast: Dannon Light&Fit Smoothie. Stawberry Banana. 80 calories of yum.
    Exercise: This morning I was at the Y by 6:18 am. I did 24 (note one more minute than last week) tiring minutes on the treadmill and about 70 tiring stomach crunches.
    My iPod workout playlist: (I replay a few songs, so I’m usually done by the time Naughty Girl comes on)

    • Let’s get it started/Black Eyed Peas
    • Jump (For my love)/Love Actually Soundtrack (2x)
    • Hey Ya!/Outkast (2x)
    • Scandalous/Mysteeq
    • Baby Got Back/Sir Mix-a-lot
    • California Love/Tupac and Dr. Dre. (2x – great stomach crunch song)
    • Naughty Girl/Beyonce
    • Walk this way/Aerosmith
    • I’m still standing/Elton John

    ight. 7:00pm EST. Be there! Be where? Be here!
    Lunch: Umm..probably a Subway veggie delight.
    Dinner: Oh, I have no idea.

    I won my eBay auction yesterday (Dept 56 Wong’s in Chinatown), no thanks to tenderfoot4206 who waited until the last minute to try and steal it from me. I hate that. I watched the auction for the last 10 minutes because I knew something like that would happen. My price was $15.99. Within that last minute, she had bid me up to $31.99. Her final bid was the same as mine, but since I entered that max bid a few days ago, my bid had precedence. You have no idea how tempted I was to send her a message saying, “Hey…this was on auction for 7 days…I was high bidder for the last 3. Did you have to try and steal it? There are at least 7 others up for sale.” But I didn’t.

    Off to the showers with me. See you tonight for CookieCam! 🙂

    Does the Pope Pray?

    Today I managed to escape from work only 30 minutes late. Driving home in the sunshine with my new (prescription) sunglasses on, windows rolled down, and Dave Matthews in the CD player (5 days left!) put me in a very good humor.
    After greeting Max lavishly, I hopped upstairs and tiptoed into the bedroom. Thor was sleeping, so I quietly began to change out of my “Junior Executive” costume into something more comfortable.
    “BAM BAM” went the knocking on the door downstairs.
    “ROWF!ROWF!ROWF!ROWF!ROWF!ROWF!ROWF!” went the small dog.
    “Fwap!” went Thor’s eyelids as they flipped wide open. All he understood at that point is that there is a very loud commotion going on, and I’m standing in front of him in a black bra and a sheepish grin.
    I grab the first shirt I can lay my hands upon (lightweight white knit), pull on my shorts and head downstairs. There’s a neighbor-woman at the door.
    Here in Stepford, there is a ‘block party’ every July for our street and the cross street.  It’s all that I’ve heard about from the neighbors since we moved in.  “Don’t have time to introduce ourselves now…we’ll see you at the block party!”
    The woman at the door (who probably wondered what kind of trash I was to wear a black bra beneath a white shirt) was the organizer for the block party. She introduced herself, pointed out her house, briefly mentioned her husband and 2 kids and launched the block party pitch. The party is Saturday, and were we coming?
    Of course!  She asks who else is in my household. After introducing her to Max, who was ROWFing in the bay window, I told her that I lived here with my husband, Thor.
    “Any kids?” she asked.
    “Nope,” I reply,  immediately sensing the crushing aura of disappointment around her. At this point I feel like apologizing, but she whips out her clipboard and talked about what each person was bringing. Naturally, all the cheap/easy stuff was already claimed.  Can’t wait to meet the neighbor who signed up for the bag of chips. Just so I can smack him.
    All that was left was the ambiguous “fruit,” or the equally vague “cookies.”
    Block party captain looks me in the eye and asks, “Do you bake cookies?” 

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