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Mothers Appreciation Phillies Game 2023

May 11, 2023

A while back I realized that, more than anything, my Mom enjoys spending quality time with us*. So rather than looping through the usual Mothers Day gift guides and/or paying a lot to go out to dinner with large crowds, we go to the (2022 National League Champion) Phillies Mother’s Appreciation game each year.

Mom and me, in Phillies garb.
Tee shirts and not thermal underwear! Baseball caps and no scarves!

It also helps that Mom’s a huge Phillies fan. Bryce Harper is her guy.

We went this past Sunday and after years of freezing and/or rainy weather, we finally lucked out with a sunny, warm day. Major League Baseball made some rules changes that make the games go faster. Before this year, a baseball game averaged out to be about 3 hours long. Now it’s about 2 1/2 hours, which I think is perfect for a sporting event.

The downside of this is that if you go to get food or walk around the stadium to do other things, you’re missing a significant portion of the game.

park food, including
Landshark Lager is a Budweiser product, which was progressive but now isn’t? But Yuengling is worse? I can’t keep up with the politics of what beer to avoid anymore so I’m just going to drink the beer that I like.

On the suggestion of a coworker, we arrived at Citizens Bank Park early and ate first. There’s a gluten free stand at section 122, perfect for Mom. I’m basic trash so had a hot dog and a beer. Then we made our way to our seats and watched the Phillies beat the Red Sox 6-1.

Bonus: some of our cousins whom we haven’t seen for a long time were there and we met up for a bit after the game!

* Love languages is a very woo concept that does seem to hold water. I’m an “Acts of Service” person, myself.

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