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Easter Baking

April 10, 2023

Despite my griping on Friday the Easter baking went well. Three ham pies and three Easter breads were baked and (hopefully) will be enjoyed this week.

The Easter breads I did at home, with an assist from my beloved Kitchen-Aid mixer’s dough hook and a brand new bread proofing machine that my MIL purchased.

lil' bread in a proofing machine

My kitchen is chilly and I have trouble sometimes getting dough to rise. The proofing machine performs (IMO) comparably to letting the bread rise in the oven with the light on, but with this method I can preheat the oven without having to remove the dough back into the chilly environment.

two unglazed easter breads

No gatekeeping here: here is the recipe for Easter bread that I use. WM doesn’t like anise so I’m going to experiment with making a loaf with almond extract for him.

This year I made ham pies with Mom at her house. There are very tasty-looking recipes for Italian Easter pies out there, but these are based on a handwritten recipe that my grandmother mailed to my mother in the late 90s. The original recipe … wasn’t accurate. Here is my mom’s translation of that letter, angrily annotated by me as we refine the process every year.

a very chaotic page from a notebook
The more loved the recipe, the more stains are on the page.

Can you feel the frustration that surrounded the This is 1 pie note? I still do.

Could we go all out and pounds of cheese and pepperoni and prosciutto to this recipe and make that pie a two-inch tall protein bomb? Yes. Would that destroy the childhood memories we have of these pies? Also yes.

I accidentally discovered that Mom’s sun-dappled kitchen table makes for a fantastic background for baking photos. Look at this!

pie crust on a sun-dappled kitchen table

I probably could have turned the egg carton around but that sunshine and the wooden table top is Instagram perfection. Here is one of the three finished pies, marked with an R to claim it as my own.

a ham pie with an R on it

My breakfast today? Coffee, a slice of bread, and a slice of pie. I hope your weekend was lovely and filled with everything you wanted it to have.

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