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Halloween Decor 2021

October 11, 2021

I hate fall but I begrudgingly admit to enjoying decorating for Halloween. If you have a giant ivy pit in your front yard, put some foam graves there! And a skeleton.

a bed of stupid invasive ivy with foam gravestones and a skeleton shoved into it
an escapee

This year the graveyard expanded past the walkway.

foam gravestones on the other side of a front walkway. there are orange pumpkin decorations on the front porch
cemetery annex

Don’t forget the friendly ghosts. (we trim the ivy down from the wall after Halloween every year)

a foam gravestone with a happy wire ghost peeking out from behind it

And a not-very-friendly bat.

a rubber bat hanging down from a soffit
(bat noise)

Let’s toss some plastic skills into the potted plants while we’re at it.

small plastic skulls in a flowerpot

We also have a string of Mickey Mouse pumpkin lights in the big window and a Disney Halloween projector that we turn on at night. The resident Halloween decor expert gives our overall look two thumbs up!

thank you, Mr. Ebert

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