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Friday 5: Ax + By = C

September 17, 2021

What the hell is this formula? A line? I think it’s a line, although I thought line was y = mx +b and m is the slope and b is the … intersection? But this might be new math. And I was a Liberal Arts major.

Anyway, the Big!Work!Upgrade! is pretty much a wrap and sweet merciful crap I am beat. I look forward to having no major projects for a while so I can work from sofa for a bit instead of needing the big monitor like I have for the past months. I’m taking next Thursday and Friday off to burn the last 2 days of PTO I that I can’t carry over to next fiscal year.

So back to this formula – I guess if I rearrange the letters I’d get something closer to y=mx+b…subtract from both sides, divide both sides by b…

likely-incorrect math
Yes? No? It’s been so long!

I’m stuck. I mean, unless slope is also -(a/b) and the intersection – no, intercept! – is also (c/b). I can’t.

Let’s hit the Friday 5, the theme being Ax + By = C.

  1. It’s been said (notably by Divinyls in 1985) there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain. How has this proven true in your life?
    So the formula IS for a line and I am NOT completely hopeless! *flips desk in triumph*

    There is a fine line between the pleasure of eating JUST the right amount of food and the pain of eating too much food. There is also a fine line between the pain of working out a puzzle (crossword, jigsaw, math) and the pleasure of solving it.
  2. Where in your life have you witnessed the fine line between genius and insanity?
    *slyly looks over my shoulder to WM, continues to wordlessly blog*
  3. Where do you draw the fine line between supporting someone and enabling someone?
    If the person is a bad steward of the resources I give to them in support, then the line is drawn.
  4. Which sides of the fine lines between caution and cowardice, and between courage and foolhardiness do you tend toward?
    Definitely cowardice. I’ve written this a million times. I am not brave. But regarding the other fine line – I tend more toward courage then foolhardiness. It’s hard to explain, but because I am a naturally a coward I MUST be courageous. Each time I needed a breast lump biopsied I cowered in fear for days, but on the mornings of the appointment I went in and had the procedures done. I didn’t run away or ignore the appointment. That’s courage. Foolhardiness would be saying “I’m sure it’s nothing” and not having them done. Huge scaredy-cat though.
  5. Tasked with drawing a literal fine line, what is your writing utensil of choice?
    A Pilot Precise v5 rollerball pen in black. Although for day to day writing I enjoy TUL .7mm gel pens in black that I bought from Amazon. I wish I enjoyed fountain pens. I want to enjoy fountain pens but can’t get past the scratching and tendency

It’s supposed to be a gorgeous weekend and maybe I can move my CAE study station outside for a spell. I want to get through the rest of the Tuesday show us your book links. I need to shampoo the bedroom carpet. I should half-heartedly toss some fall decor outside because yay, fall. Whatever I end up doing, have a great weekend!

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  • scrivener September 17, 2021 at 11:52 pm

    Slope is -A/B, which is what you have there. Remember that C is a constant, just some value unattached to a variable. And so is B, the number attached to y before you detached it. So whatever C/B is, it’s just a constant too.

    Remember that the y-intercept is where the value for x is zero. If you put zero in for x in the equation you just derived, you’re left with y=(some constant), so y=mx+b. Slope-intercept form.

    Also: That’s my pen too!!!

  • Smelly socks and garden peas September 21, 2021 at 1:43 am

    Uniball eye for me! Lovely smooth lines and the ink flows consistently and seems to last forever. Not that I write much with a pen these days, OneNote is a corrupting influence.