August 2021 Extras

September 2, 2021

Here are some thoughts and photos from August that were a little thin for their own posts.

New hair, new glasses. I’ll get a kickier pair from Zenni as my backup, and find a Lion’s Club bin for my older pairs.

The last vestiges of 48. No makeup, but probably should have worn lipstick.

I’ve had a hummingbird feeder for two years and saw no hummingbirds. It is glass and came with white plastic flowers on its red plastic base. Like this (not a referral link). A few weeks ago, inspired by a hummingbird aficionado on TikTok (that is a heck of a phrase there) I replaced the white plastic flowers with yellow ones, and now I have at least 1 hummingbird sighting a day. Lots of delight there. The internet can be really crummy, and Amazon is a crummy company, but who would know that you could replace plastic hummingbird feeder flowers without them.

large bird in a window bird feeder
Not a hummingbird, but look at this huge bird in my tiny window feeder.

I have to call the mechanic who fixed Molly at the beginning of August and tell him that the gascap/check engine lights are still on. It has been a month. I’m pretty sure that something in the computer system needs to be reset (like when the oil is changed I have to click a button to clear the OIL CHANGE message) but I’m embarrassed that it’s taken me so long to make that call. I’ve only driven her twice in that time. “Wasn’t it on when you drove home from the mechanic?” you’d ask. Possibly? But we came home from the mechanic to find that Ollie was dying and everything else is a blur. I call this a Shame Task. Something so small that you put off for a long time and then it becomes embarrassing.

Ollie’s last photo – morning of August 2. Every month I take photos off of my phone and back them up. This is the last time I’ll back up an Ollie photo and it stinks.

ollie in his bed
I miss him.

Shout out to those who pooh-poohed my opinion in 2016 that electing Trump would both amplify the voices of racist, misogynist, ignorant misanthropes AND endanger reproductive rights for women. I hope you all didn’t let your ACLU memberships lapse in January.

I have a creepy photo of the instruments laid out for my breast biopises, but after I took it I saw the sign that said “no photos or video.” I won’t share it, but I really want to. But I won’t.

Murphy is slowly healing. He was supposed to have his 2nd every-two-week appointment this Tuesday, but the vet wasn’t in that day so he’s rescheduled for next Tuesday.

murphy at the vet
“i’m over it”

Dark humor, but I laughed.

a meme with an older man blowing bubbles. text reads 'when you test positive for covid and hate your neighbors'
I will never trust a bubble again.

NYT Crossword puzzle streak is at 253. Now it’s just a matter of when I’ll break it.

For now, I’m off to pick up a prescription refill for Murphy and a OTC rapid Covid test for me. I have some scratchy throat/drainage issue going on which I’m sure is the sinus thing I get every September, but better safe than sorry. If this comes back negative I’ll call my doctor.

edit: 9:25am – NEGATIVE. Whew.

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  • SMD September 3, 2021 at 12:36 pm

    All the people who said no worries with the Supreme Court can go screw

    • Kimberly September 8, 2021 at 11:29 am