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Friday 5: Mental health again

June 11, 2021

Happy Friday! Today is my second summer Friday, and … it was rainy and in the 60s. So no beach. I’m going to end up having to call an audible and popping some PTO days during the week when the weather is good.

However, my brother John (who does not read my blog) and I went to the Cherry Hill Mall today to shop. It was my first trip to the mall since January 2020, which in normal times would result in my Jersey Girl license being revoked. I bought a tie dye sweatshirt from Old Navy that looks like this, but without the logo. And two of their $5 flag shirts, because I used to love them and want to take the flag back for everyone in this country, not just a certain party.

And then I went to Lush, which I missed. Lush was the only store still requiring masks even if you are vaccinated, and I abided by that rule. It made the store much less fragrant, which makes me think that I need to always wear a mask at Lush. I love Lush, but the scent overwhelms. I bought a tub of their Oatifix mask, and a bath bomb.

We had lunch at Bahama Breeze, where I saw two of my TNP coworkers having lunch! It was such a weird thing yet seemed so normal, which is still weird. It was nice to spend time with my brother – we don’t do that enough. He’s trying to bully me into going to a baseball game with him this summer. I’m still not sure of the crowds.

Tonight is Movie Night, which looks to be Escape from LA. Kurt Russell will always get my vote. Which reminds me, I need to write another movie night summary.

Time for the Friday 5 – this week’s theme is Mental health again.

  1. What’s the best thing you’ve done for yourself in recent days?
    I gave myself the week off of both exercise and ASAE readings. I hit a wall when I started reading about Political Action Committees and Congressional gifting. So many rules, so many loopholes. And I started really dreading the reading/notes cycle so I said, “it’s okay to not do it, and jump back into it on Monday.” It felt good.
  2. What have you to overcome in the coming days?
    Without going too deeply into it, I am feeling jilted and left out at the moment, and the only way out is through. It’s vagueblogging but sometimes that’s all I can do to acknowledge feelings without going into a whinefest. I deeply need some in-person friends who are not work friends and who are not family.
  3. What’s growing inside you?
    Hunger? I didn’t have dinner because of a big lunch and now I’m regretting that.
  4. What has lately been your escape?
    In a moment of weakness, I made an idiotic move and rolled a beautiful Blood Elf Paladin on Warcraft’s The Burning Crusade Classic server. She’s level 15 and pitiful and of course all I want to do now is go play my current 2-expansions-behind beautiful Blood Elf Paladin on the current server.
  5. What amazing thing have you recently crammed into your maw?
    I had coconut shrimp tacos for lunch today at Bahama Breeze and they were everything I never knew I needed.

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