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Friday 5: Obstacle Course

March 26, 2021

This week has completely flown. I feel like other than work, I have nothing to show for it. What have I done?

Here’s a few trivial things: I moved my yoga practice to mornings instead of after work. I hate it, but I enjoy not having another ‘thing to do after work’ hanging over my head. And in an attempt to softly transition back to the real world I started putting earrings and either a necklace or a bracelet on before work.

And I baked this cake for no reason other than I wanted a lemony cake.

It is SO GOOD.

It’s this recipe from Smitten Kitchen (Deb has never, never led me astray with her recipes) and I cut down both the amount of zest need and the amount of lemon-sugar syrup I spooned onto the cake by about half. The lemons we had were small and tart and I didn’t want a cake that was so sour it made me cry. I think if I had larger, juicier lemons I would have used closer to the amount she did. That’s all to say that you can adjust the lemonyness and the cake still rules.

Time for the Friday 5, just in time to give me something to write about other than earrings and cake! This week’s theme is obstacle course.

  1. What did you most recently leap over (or past)?
    It’s very windy out today, and a package of ours blew off of our porch and into the neighbor’s hedges. I had to leap off of the side of the porch and over a puddle to get there. It was a bit jarring on my knees, but I made it.
  2. When were you most recently forced to crawl?
    A few days ago I had to retrieve one of Murphy’s toys that rolled behind the sofa, and I had to crawl under an end table to get there. When he can’t reach his toys, he has the most pitiful growl/whine and I can’t resist it.
  3. What are you sprinting from?
    Debt. I paid off another credit card today. Like many, I’m using the stimulus money not so much to stimulate the economy, but to pay off smaller debts and snowball that money toward bigger ones. It’s working. It’s slow, but it’s working.
  4. What has recently required you to step carefully?
    I need to get in the backyard tomorrow and …uh…clean it. I have dogs.
  5. Where is your next finish line?
    Unfortunately, it looks like WM has to report back to work on April 19, ending the over 1 year of working side by side. (Well, back to back.) I know it has to end and that we have to go back to leaving the house eventually, but I don’t think his district is doing it the correct way or at the correct time. NJ’s cases are climbing again and spring break is only going to make it worse. My days will be extra lonely.

Tonight is movie night, and I’m looking forward to it because I missed the last 3 weeks due to feeling 1) tired, 2) very tired, 3) fevery. This weekend’s plans include cleaning up our wreck of a backyard some and assembling my little greenhouse.

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  • scrivener March 28, 2021 at 3:25 am

    Ah yes, sprinting from debt. Good luck. I’m putting off some major car stuff until I can pay mine down, after which it looks like I might jump right back into the hole. Not fun!