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World of Warcraft Update: January 2021

January 23, 2021

Slowly but surely, my WoW Classic characters are making progress!

Reaching level 60 in Eastern Plaguelands

Lyotta hit level 60, the highest level you can achieve in the game. She is currently spending time making gold so that she can buy the fastest horse in the game. How? By scanning the auction house for what’s selling (currently Firebloom, Plaguebloom and Firefin Snappers), obtaining those items and selling them. It’s a bit boring at the moment, but a faster horse will let me make more money on her to buy more gear to get her into dungeons to earn more gear to earn more gear… That’s basically the endgame.

I waited until the raptor smiled.

Kevashandia turned 40 and purchased her mount, which is a raptor. I let her sit for a bit to space out the two characters’ progress. That way I’m not doing the same quests with Keva a week after Lyotta finishes them. Once Lyotta gets her upgraded horse, it’s Keva’s time to shine.

Rumors say that the second expansion pack “The Burning Crusade” will be launched on our classic servers this spring. In preparation for the day I once again get to level a blood elf paladin, I tried to save the name Akromah. No dice. Already taken. I switched a letter and now have the name Akromeh saved. Perfectly fitting.

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