October Extras 2020

October 30, 2020

Photos and thoughts from October that were a little thin for their own post.

I ordered a letter board a few months back and although it is the pinnacle of late twenty-teens white lady decorating, I enjoy changing it at the beginning of each month.

We have two fish tanks here — a larger one upstairs and a 5-gallon one downstairs. And if someone had told me two years ago how poorly I would take it when our fish die I’d have vetoed the entire project.

This Keanu impersonator made me happy for the 20 minutes his Instagram account was active before it was deleted for not being Keanu.

Yeah hi I’m not stalking this wedding! I was legitimately invited but I’m going to stand back here if that’s okay. I have lorgnettes! No, that’s not a disease, that means fancy binoculars. I read a lot and … no please don’t call security.

Mom and I went to an outdoor wedding. We stayed waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy back until the ceremony, then we dragged two chairs from the last row wayyyyyyyyyyyy back. We didn’t stay for dinner, although we were welcomed to. We wore our masks the entire time, was near nobody, and I hope by the time this post is published (this paragraph was written on the 18th) we’ll be two weeks past it and in the clear.

I tweeted that I earned a camera by selling personalized Christmas cards door to door as a kid. When I look at that memory within the framing of 2020, It feels like I had said something as quaint and archaic as “Laura and Mary carried their slates to school.”

screenshot of crossword puzzle clue referencing the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

A very 2020 sentence spoken by WM: “I tried to get Kirstie Alley to block me last night.”

This last week, both Murphy AND Ollie have been in a state that I can only refer to as “hype.” Both of them have been running around. Both of them have been playfighting. Usually Murphy is solo in his shenanigans but seeing Ollie join in is delightful.

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