Murphy, October 2020

October 21, 2020

A warm hello to those found this site via my Postcards to Voters blog post which picked up some traction on Twitter! This is an old-fashioned blog, with a some journaling, some photos, some food, some pets, some hobbies, some books, no ads because I failed to hop on the monetization wagon — you get the picture. Welcome!

When we bought this house, I wanted a bird feeder. I put it on my Pinterest wish list and after convincing people I was not kidding and really wanted one, I received one for Christmas. I hung it up with pride on a shepherd’s hook in the back yard and one day 1-year-old Murphy knocked it down, ate all of the seed, and spent a morning spraypooping birdseed all over the wall behind his crate. WM came home from work that day to a biological disaster.

The bird feeder was moved to the front yard, where Murphy (fully energized by the expensive Veterinarian canned food from his stomach problems) barked all day long at the birds who were just tying to have a snack, man. The bird feeder was quickly dispatched to the garage. It’s still there, covered with sawdust.

For Christmas last year, WM gifted me a clear plastic bird feeder that we could stick to the kitchen window with suction cups. The birds are happy, I am happy, and the dog can’t knock it down and eat the seeds which makes WM happy.

The squirrels are not happy. They know there are tasty seeds “up there” but can’t scale the house to get to the source. They’ve taken to sitting on our patio chair and waiting for seeds to fall.

murphy looking out the window at a squirrel on the chair


(and you say why don’t you just close the blinds and I reply, because the dog would ruin the blinds while trying to look at the squirrel on my chair and you ask about curtains maybe and you’re not the boss of me okay?)

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