World of Warcraft: Lyotta is 40!

October 23, 2020

And she bought a sweet, skeletal ride!

Lyotta and Blue.

I’m enjoying my second tour through Classic WoW. It’s almost like living the “if you could go back in time knowing what you know now…what would you do differently?” trope.

My first time around I was shocked by how much money I needed to train and to have a riding mount at level 40. I ended up not training skills from level 34 onward, which affected my game play. This time, my goal from level 1 was to make as much money as possible for training and mounts. It wasn’t difficult, just took some more time. This time around, I realized that I will sometimes have to dedicate entire play sessions to herbing, fishing, and/or alchemy. If I see a recipe (for any profession) on a wandering or inconvenient merchant, I’m buying and reselling it on the auction house.

Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral

If I am tired of a zone, I leave. even if I have quests to finish. Azeroth is huge and in a world with no achievements, there is no reward for staying in one zone until you’re finished. Variety is the spice of life.

I am not worried about doing dungeons with Lyotta, who is a DPS (damage dealing) character. If I am smart enough with my money, I can purchase armor and weapons at the auction house instead of waiting for THE PERFECT piece to possibly drop after 2 hours with strangers. If a group becomes available, I’m in.

On the other hand, Kevashandia (when I get back to playing her) will be mostly in dungeons, because that is the least frustrating way to level up a healer.

As of this writing, Lyotta is 42, Kevashandia is 25, Vanderhoof is 8, and I have a hunter named Ofthrall whom I haven’t played yet.

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