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Welcome 2018, you beautiful tropical fish!

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think 2018’s going to be a good one. Or at least better than [period of time that started in November, 2015], which is not a high hurdle to clear.

Things I’m going to do this year:

  • Eat better, move more
  • Learn to juggle
  • Make/maintain a sourdough starter (not sure how that will help with the first bullet point)
  • Learn to sew cushions/pillows for the house because by God even if I was made of money I would not spend $50 for a seasonal pillow cover! That doesn’t even include the freaking pillow insert. Criminal.

    Places I’m going to visit this year:

  • RetiredGuyLand, FL to visit Dad in earlyish March
  • Austin, TX for work training in April
  • Seattle, WA in July
  • Margate, NJ for summer Friday day-trips
  • And FINALLY the Russells are going BACK to Walt Disney World in the fall! (Don’t even start. It’ll be 2 years by the time we get back. Sacrilege.)

    Home improvements on tap this year:

  • Finish the Adventureland bathroom. You guys. We are channeling “Trading Spaces” with this one.
  • Continue to try and grow grass in the front yard. It’s harder than we thought.
  • Paint the door, garage door, and shutters.
  • Paint the downstairs living room.
  • Replace some of the 80s-era brass-and-glass light fixtures.
  • Deal with the ivy bed in the back yard. We were supposed to do this last year, but we didn’t want to leave it a muddy mess all winter for a young pup to track in the house.

    Upcoming Milestones:

  • Murphy turns 1 on January 15, and we’ll have him for a year in April.
  • I’ll be at TNP for SIX years at the end of January.
  • I’m getting a new nephew in mid/late March!
  • Sixth wedding anniversary in July.
  • Ollie turns 11 (oof) in June. I turn 46 (whoa!) in September.

    Welcome, 2018! May you be gentle on us all.

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