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March 20, 2016

It’s the first day of spring and it’s freaking snowing outside. What in the everliving crap is this?


One of the most internet-perfect photos I’ve taken! TOTALLY spontaneously. Yup.

Nails: I’ve gone two weeks without biting my nails, and that is enough for me to start polishing them again. This week I’m wearing OPI That’s Berry Daring. It’s basically hot pink.

Still reading: Alexander Hamilton. I’m getting through it at a nice clip, but it’s still VERY long. It doesn’t help that I sing the songs that go along with each event I read about. Thanks, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Plateaued: Still at 19 lbs lost. It was very food-heavy weekend, so I’m just glad I maintained.

Max: Still alive. 🙂

Working: Full week of work ahead. Not TOO many meetings.

Planning: You guys, I bought planner stickers for my damn planner. All of this planner crap with the washi tape and stickers is KILLING ME with desire. Do you know there are DAYS worth of Youtube videos out there featuring people setting up their planners for the week? Do you know I watch some every day? It’s awful. I can’t stop it.

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