Zumba class, week 1

I signed up for a Zumba class through my township’s recreation program. I went to one class almost exactly five years ago (Something about September that makes me do silly things to stave off mortality, I guess) and PREDICTABLY* never went back.

This time I paid for eight weeks upfront, so I’m pitting my increasing laziness against my increasing cheapness to see what will win out. I think I did okay, but I have to realize that me THINKING I can do any type of aerobic dance is the same as Joey Tribbiani THINKING that he can speak French.

I sweat my ass off and felt as if I fused permanently with my workout clothes. Tomorrow I will likely feel like crap but today I feel okay!

*Other predictable things about me:

  • All of my diets fail
  • And if they don’t, I gain the weight back
  • I will always disappear from this blog and come back like nothing happened
  • I quit hard things
  • I have a Disney trip planned

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