What do Ariana Grande and I have in common?

(Besides our killer bods and dumptrucks full of cash)

I don’t know much about Ariana Grande other than she covered Wham!’s Last Christmas* on the Michael Buble special and I think she did okay with it. But this image came up in a search I was doing** and I nearly died…

problem ariana grande

Album (single?) cover – Problem by Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea.




It’s Bounce being sold through Letterhead Fonts. I bought it years ago (pre-2006) for around $40 and swore since I spent that much money, I’d never use another font. It’s adorable and I wish Miss Grande the best with her $40 font.
In more realistic day-to-day news, I ended up with five types of cookies: pinwheels, PB blossoms, sugar cutouts, gingerbread, and spritz. Tonight I’ll frost the sugar cookies & gingerbread. It was a smaller year because frankly, not many people eat cookies anymore. WM is on his 2-week holiday break. TNP closes on Wednesday and doesn’t reopen until January 5th. This will be my first paid winter break (where I didn’t have to burn vacation days) ever. Even in college I worked retail, so I was always working on 12/26.

* I was a huge Wham! fan when we were all young. And for as much love and admiration I had for them and every single word they (ok mostly George) sang, I am still shocked that Last Christmas has become a Christmas classic.

** I was trying to find out more on Iggy Azalea. Everyone knows her except me because while my musical world is growing, it’s not growing in Iggy’s direction.


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