Working at the Philadelphia Zoo

October 8, 2014

TNP took us all to the Philadelphia Zoo for a team-building exercise. After a big ol’ picnic/buffet lunch (hot dogs, hamburgers, barbeque chicken) in the Peacock Pavilion we divided up into four teams and went on a scavenger hunt. All of the clues were in the various exhibits, and there were bonus questions from non-exhibit signage.

Peacock pavilion / disinterested kangaroo / the underside of a sleeping cat

Peacock pavilion / disinterested kangaroo / the underside of a sleeping cat

We did a lot of running around and although we *saw* a lot, we didn’t get to *see* much of it because we were in a hurry. Even though my team came in LAST place (obviously, the other three teams cheated) it was a lot of fun. I haven’t been to the zoo since the 90s. It’s a LOT nicer now than what I remember! There are walkways overhead where they let certain animals walk on throughout the day. I assume they schedule it so that the leopards and gazelle aren’t on the walkways at the same time. I also don’t know how they handle the possibility of the Zoo patrons being peed on. I guess it’s a disclaimer on the back of the ticket.

Lions /  Peacock / ZooBalloon

Lions / Peacock / ZooBalloon

It’s the last year for the ZooBalloon. I hate it because it’s a huge distraction when I’m driving westbound on 76 and 676. It rises up ominously from behind the trees and when you’re praying that nobody runs you off the road into the Schuykill River, you don’t need anything ominous in front of you. The balloon was damaged in the winter storms earlier this year. Channel 6 (the sponsor) made a big deal that the balloon wasn’t coming back because it was only due to fly until this October anyway and couldn’t be fixed or replaced. People in the area eulogized the balloon as if it was their best friend. Tears were shed. But not by me.

But of COURSE Channel 6 became heroes when they ordered another balloon anyway. Channel 6 is an ABC station and their news programs have dominated the local airwaves for decades, so they had the money to get another balloon. Now the balloon says “Soar once more” and there’s no word if October will be the really real end of the line for the balloon. I guess no.

WM and I will definitely put the Philadelphia Zoo on our daytrip to-do list!

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  • SMD @ Life According to Steph October 9, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    I like the zoo balloon but that’s because I only see it from inside the train. I’d definitely be distracted by it on a daily drive.