May 14, 2014

I try not to touch on this stuff because it’s sad and really, do you want to be sad? I don’t want to be sad and I don’t want you to be sad. So if you don’t want to be sad, go listen to Happy, a song that everyone has grown to hate except me. I jam to it almost every morning.

Mother’s Day weekend is always hard. But as of today, the Vile Goddess Menstrua is eight days late. Eight whole days! I took THE test Monday morning (day six) and the NOT PREGNANT reveal was so quick that it could have been punctuated with the old Family Feud STRIKE buzzer. Bzzt! (warning, scary noise) I guess I’m just skipping a month.

For a period (ha) of time now my months have been punctuated by logging things that should always remain unloggable, waiting for smiley faces to indicate “go time”, and either welcoming the Vile Goddess right on time or hearing the imaginary Family Feud STRIKE on day five.

This month, day five was on Mother’s Day. I should have taken the test that day. But I didn’t because for one Mother’s Day, I wanted to be possibly pregnant, instead of definitely not.

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  • Liz May 14, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    I’m so sorry. 🙁

    I never tried to get pregnant so I don’t know that particular sadness, but I do know that empty feeling nonetheless…if you ever want to move on to other options, you know where to find me…