Throwback Thursday: Sixth grade dance

April 10, 2014

When I was a kid, our elementary school was Kindergarten through sixth grade, middle school was seventh and eighth grades (any longer there and I would have run away from home and joined the circus), and high school was ninth through twelfth.

This is June, 1984, the night of my sixth grade dance. I was eleven. No filter, just old-filter. (Before Instagram, I used to care enough about my old photos to whiten the whites and darken the darks and get rid of yellow overtones. Now? Screw it.)

Somewhere, a fashion blogger is taking a picture in this same dress.

Somewhere, a 35 year old “fashion” “blogger” is taking a picture in the same dress.


1) I wore my hair the same way on my (first) wedding day. I joke a lot that with only a few short-lived exceptions, I’ve worn the same three hairstyles forever. This is further proof.

2) I think this was my first go with grown-up pantyhose.

3) I remember nothing from the dance.

4) Sweet merciful crap! I think the figurine on the lamp is naked!

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