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Shamrocks and half-birthdays

March 5, 2014

Other than Christmas, I don’t usually decorate for holidays. But WM’s mom is a quilter, so in addition to the large snuggly quilts, we have a stack of small, decorative wall hangings.

Here’s the one she made for March. It’s adorable!

erin go bear?

erin go bear?

Baby shower update: Invitations went into the mail, and on Saturday I’ll take the invitation to the restaurant so they can coordinate the cake. (Please don’t be wrecky.) Then I’ll gather supplies for centerpieces and brainstorm favors. At this rate, the favor will be me booming “WAS THIS MEAL NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU TO REMEMBER THIS SHOWER, INGRATES??!?!” as I toss Jordan almonds at fleeing guests. (Kidding.)

March fifth is the day I used to triumphantly add the “AND A HALF” to my age. Now it’s just another signpost that I pass by far too quickly on this journey from Miss to Ma’am.

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