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Stupid beading tricks: Green

March 3, 2014

Last night, as I sighed dejectedly at a weather forecast that included anywhere from 5 to 14 inches of snow, I decided to pull out my beads. Inspired by St. Patrick’s Day and spring in general, I focused on a selection of my green beads.

green beads


One one hand, it was challenging sticking with just one color. But once I looked at my limited selection of materials, I found it easier to pull ideas together than when I’m faced with my six trays of colors.

First, I made these earrings with green beads, copper charms and copper wire:

Green earrings

Green earrings

I created this bracelet with the same technique I used on last week’s owl bracelet. The focal bead is from BeadFreaky, and the rest is just stuff I found laying around. That thread is actually gray, not blue. But I stink at lighting. 🙂

green bracelet

Green bracelet

I’m not thrilled with how these came out. I did a lot of wrapping earrings a few years back, but this time the square copper wire was too soft, even after hammering the round “frames.”

more green earrings

Now that I uploaded the picture, I can see that the earring on the right is a bit wonky.

And as I was putting the bead away, I pulled together this pair of earrings. This is my favorite pair of the three.

even more green earrings

Even more green earrings

That wooden background is a piece of scrapbook paper from a “country” pack I bought on clearance at Jo-Ann last year for jewelry photography purposes. I jammed the earrings through it into the small linen bust that I usually use. Crafty! (not really)

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  • Pat Giacabetti March 8, 2014 at 10:07 am

    I want them all.I miss you.Especially the first pair of earrings. S How much and how can I get them????