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Stupid beading tricks: Seahorse set

February 17, 2014

Happy Presidents Day!

Mom’s birthday was on Thursday, and unfortunately, our get-together was snowed out. (Surprise, surprise.) Instead we went out last night to Iron Hill Brewery. As part of her gift, I made her this bracelet/earrings set:


Seahorses! Because if I keep thinking about winter I’ll cry.

The cream beads came from Michaels, the small round ceramic washers from createyourbliss on Etsy, and the seahorses from I strung them with waxed linen cording. I usually use flexible beading wire, so working with the linen was new to me. But it seemed to go better with the natural look of the materials. It’ll probably fall apart in a day or two. Sorry, Mom!

I like this set I’m going to pin it. It is bad form to pin one’s one thing to one’s own board?

Since I created that set on approximately 4 square inches of clear space with my tools on my lap, I decided it was high time for me to tackle my bead table. After a few hours, here’s the result!

clean bead table

SO much better.

I have a white plastic set of drawers next to the table that houses all of my beads. I have 6 plastic bead trays. Five are filled to the brim and sorted by color. The sixth one is about a quarter full, and I’ve been using that to triage beads before I put them away. I. Have. Many. Many. Beads. I think I need a simple pegboard under that painting where I can hang finished bracelets and necklaces. If I do that, I’ll have a good idea of how much inventory I have in case I want to do something absolutely stupid like finally open an online store. (Tentatively named: Disney fund.)

Today I’m actually going to work from home for a few hours. The snow day snarled my schedule last week and I have a few tasks I want done before I go back in tomorrow. I hate feeling like I’m behind. This will set me up for a successful week.

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