I finally watch TV!

I resolved for a long time to watch more television. It sounds batty and against what all the Youngs are doing these days, but there’s a lot to be said for being able to talk about television shows with people.

To that end, here are the shows I watch:

Parks and Recreation: Very funny and warm at the same time. The characters are inherently good people, but still quirky and sometimes wrong. We watched the first 5 seasons this summer using a combination of Comcast OnDemand and Hulu Plus, which is such a shitty service. Now we’re current and I love it to pieces, which means that the show will probably end after this season.

The Swanson.

Can’t. Stop. Watching.

The Mindy Project: I caught most of last season on Hulu Plus. This comedy has a different pace to it. It’s not a laugh-a-minute show, but in each episode there are a few lines of smart dialogue that will leave me laughing the next day. Mindy Kaling wrote most of The Office episodes that I liked best, and I’m happy to support this show.

Sleepy Hollow: This show is so stupid and so fun at the same time. It features an amazing kick-ass buddy cop team. We record it and watch it on the weekends.

Not this Ichabod.

Not this Ichabod.

The New Girl: Co-worker T told me I needed to watch this show because Jess (main character) reminds her of me. Hm. So I watched a few episodes on evil, buggy Hulu Plus and I’ll concede that Jess is an amped-up, exaggerated version of me. (And Ron Swanson is an amped-up, exaggerated version of WM.) I skipped most of season 1, all of season 2, and it made absolutely no difference when I hopped in at the beginning of season 3.

Monday Night Raw: UGH. I was away from pro wrestling for SO LONG that I thought I finally kicked the habit. Then I came across Impact wrestling this summer, which made me want to see what the better franchise (sorry, Hulk) was doing. And that’s how I ended up cheering for CM Punk and Paul Heyman simultaneously, which isn’t supposed to happen. I won’t get back into the Pay-per-view habit again. They are too expensive, too frequent and too long!

I’m also going to pick up Blue Bloods this season for the Wahlberg factor.



Shows I won’t watch:
Anything violent, dark, or bloody. So that excludes Game of Thrones, miscellaneous zombie shows, and Breaking Bad. Is that show still on, by the way? I’ve heard *nothing* about it lately.


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