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August 25, 2013

(actual conversation)

WM: So they casted for the Superman/Batman live movie that’s coming up in 2015!

I may own these.

I may own these.

Me: Mmmhmm

WM: So guess who’s Batman?

Me: Uh, okay. Can you give me Superman first? Henry Cavill again?

WM: Yes, he’s in for Superman.

Me: Ok..because that would be cool. If they just switched him over. Anyway. Going with the comic movie trend they should be casting a young–

WM: Nope!

Me: Uh, okay…hot British–

WM: (gleefully) Nope!

Me: No? I was going to guess Cumberbatch then. How about Brandon Routh?

WM: No!

Me: Eric Bana?

WM: Nope! Hint — He was in a super hero movie already that tanked.

Me: Uh, okay…Green Lantern? Green Hornet?

WM: Nope, nope. And the sequel tanked even worse.

Me: I give up.

WM: The sequel starred…(dramatic pause)…HIS WIFE.

Me: …………….Ben Affleck?


Me: Geez. If they were going with 40 year old Batman, they should have gone with Jeremy Renner.

WM: I hate to say this, but he’s kind of a small guy to play Batman.

Me: He could be Batmite! But he’d have to lose the guyliner.

BTW: I’m available to play a 40 year old paunchy BatGirl, if needed. Call me!

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