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Friday Five: Celebrations

January 18, 2013

really crappy side effect, too

Werewolf pills

Whew. This week’s flown. I spent most of it convalescing from my months of sick. There’s only one day of antibiotics left, but I’m just run down and literally tired of talking. WM’s getting sniffly now, so basically we can’t win. Let’s just bring on spring so I can open my windows and let all of the fresh air in.

I brought breakfast and lunch in 4/5 days this workweek — a victory!

This week’s Friday Five is about celebrations, and I wasn’t going to even bother answering them because they don’t apply to me.

1. When did you last blow up a balloon?
You know…I can’t even tell you.

2. Whose house is especially well-designed for parties, and why?
The one I used to own. I know, I know. Buzzkill.

3. If the party starts at seven, what time are you there?
Seven oh five, and I hope to be out by nine-thirty.

4. Who brought the best thing to your last potluck?
We had a potluck here at work before Thanksgiving and someone brought a crockpot full of amazing meatballs.

5. Now that the holidays are over, what (besides a birthday) might be the next thing you celebrate in the company of others?
All we celebrate are birthdays. We go out to eat for each of them. No blowing up balloons necessary.

Sometimes I wish I was that person who was all “Superbowl party in January; lonely heart’s club party in February, Irish bash in March, Tulip picking party in April…” but I’m not. I’m an introvert, basically. I like going home and I’m just not a partier. I like dorking around on the computer or snuggling on the sofa with the dogs. I’ll go to happy hours or lunch with coworkers (if I’m invited, ahem) but I don’t mind those because there are definitive ending times.

And I think that’s okay.

Enjoy your weekend. I’m looking forward to thick socks and a mug of tea.

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