I love the Internet


September 6, 2012

It’s been a while since I had a chance to eyeball MSN and their humorous home page.

These hot Democrats are waiting for you on ridemydonkey.com!

They still don’t disappoint.

In the name of balance there is a Hot Republicans gallery too. I didn’t catch it while it was current.

I’m not following either convention this year. I usually pop some popcorn and watch it all, counting the various signs that pop up (Oh! Read this blog post from someone who handed out signs at the DNC in 2004!) But the RNC soured me on afternoon one when the poor woman from Puerto Rico was shouted down. I cringed and closed the stream.

While I’m still thankful we have a mostly democratic political process, I’m soured on the entire cast of characters right now. Except Joe Biden. Being from here, I’m programmed to like him.

I’ll watch Bill Clinton’s speech later tonight thanks to the magic of YouTube. He’s my favorite ex.

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