RIP, Mr. Wizard

I watched Mr. Wizard on Nickelodeon when I was a kid in the 80s – later when I learned that he had a TV show in the 50s doing the same thing, I was amazed that my parents probably watched him too.

Mr. Wizard inspired me to tie a string to my kitchen faucet, run it across the room, hop on a chair and try to pour water down the string into the sink. It worked for him. Notsomuch for me.

I also remember the episode where he poured an orange powder atop an aquarium of water. Then, the he could put his hand through the powder into the water, and when he removed his hand, it wouldn’t be wet!

I never knew what the powder was (although if I wasn’t out the door to work, I’d look it up) but I do know it didn’t work with talcum powder. Or flour. Or baking soda.

Did you ever try a Mr. Wizard experiment as a kid?

Thank you, Don Herbert.


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