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podcast followup

May 11, 2007

Oooo! Thanks for the podcast links below. I’m adding them right now! I, too, miss TechTV and the ScreenSavers so I was happy to find heaps of Leo for free! Feel free to keep leaving Podcast suggestions below.

Yeah, you’d think I’d have some Disney on the iPod but I have so much emotional baggage and happy/sad memories surrounding the Mouse that my slavish devotion has been waning. If my house sells quickly, the Wandering Minstrel and I are going to try to get there in August.

I’d love to be a podcaster if I only had some decent content. Other than me whining about my life as of late. For now, I’ll be content with updating this blog on an almost-daily basis. After two years, the writing juices are starting to flow again. And it feels pretty darn good!

I received a great compliment yesterday at work. “Thanks,’re always good for a snack!” Well worth the investment I made in the barrel of pretzel rods on my desk.

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