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Webkeeping – April 2007

May 2, 2007

Every now and then I’ll run site stats. The most fascinating part is the search referrer section. That’s where I can see what people were searching for in Google/Yahoo when they found my site. I deliberately misspelled some of these in this list because I don’t want to continue posting those words and fooling the search engines some more. Here is April’s information:

  1. ladygypsy – (obvious)
  2. mary p0ppins – This refers to some musing of mine that I wanted to dress as her for Halloween a few years back. Never did, but maybe this year)
  3. chunky blonde highlights – I used to get these done all the time. I’ve since reverted to a more natural fake coloring job.
  4. hulk h0gan – spelled properly, I referred to im in 2 blog posts. That’s it!
  5. the taj maha1 – spelled properly, I had a dream once that I could fly.
  6. dancing with thestars – my current obsession. Go Laila! Go Apolo!
  7. come on knock on my door – a descriptive photo post of the current ChezGypsy.
  8. 687 – weirdly enough, it’s part of the file name of one of my Flickr photos I had on the site.
  9. lady gypsy – duh
  10. t4j mahal – see #5
  11. the%20taj%20mahal – all of this from one reference?
  12. 695 – see #8.
  13. butterscotch cookies – some cookiecam reference
  14. chunky highlights – see #3
  15. gypsy lady – my dyslexic fans
  16. homer simpson – Sweet merciful crap!
  17. hostess pictures – Obvious.
  18. library statues – When I lived in Cherry Hill, I frequented their library. I don’t do that much anymore, because I have enough reading at home to keep me busy. Also, I think I owe them about $50 in late fees. (shudder) Anyhoo, they had a weird statue on the front lawn that was supposed to only stay a year. I didn’t like them, but apparently the library managed to raise enough money to buy them and keep them forever.
  19. obsidian knights icedancer – old Asheron’s call guild and leader. We all broke up and went our separate ways. I miss those guys. 🙁
  20. pb2 peanut butter – CookieCam reference.

When I prattle here, it’s hard for me to imagine it having more than 15 or so readers. Then I take a look at site stats and am completely blown away. Look…

In April 2007, received an average of 558 visits a day, which translate to an average of 1173 page views a day. In April 2006, it received an average of 341 visits a day and 543 page views a day. [wonky numbers girl]Wow! That’s 63% increase in visits and a 116% increase in page views![end wonky numbers girl]

Welcome to you all! I’m honored to be the way you piss away a minute or two of your day. 🙂

I also installed a plugin that will close comments on posts older than 4 months old. Most of my comment spam happen on the very old posts, so this should help with the spamming, too.

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  • Brian May 2, 2007 at 10:34 pm

    at least that wrestler is gone