I watched SuperSize Me last week, via Netflix. It was a great, great movie. I was completely horrified at the effects that McDonald’s food had on Morgan Spurlock. (Who is very cute in an intellectual way.)

But I have to say…although it was tearing up his body, Morgan kept saying that it tasted good.

That, plus a disappointing weight-loss week DESPITE a on-program week…and, well…you can already tell what happened tonight.

i'm lovin it

(Note the poignant, pleading Poochus in the background. Also note the presence of PHP for dummies.)

PS: I did count the points for the meal, so I’m still “on-program.”


  • “Lay on, McDoofus,
    And damn’d be him that, french fries, “Hold, enough!”

    Macbeth, Act V, Scene VIII

  • QP w/C – 13 pts.
    Lg Fre-edom-nch fries – 10 pts.

    Don’t know what was in the drink cup ???

    How many pts. in a small dog?

    I am sorry to admit that I feel as if I am partially to blame for your McD’s consumption. 🙂

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