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Turning a corner

March 19, 2007

Last spring Things Weren’t Right. Last summer Things Went Wrong. Last fall I was in shock. This winter I mourned.

Now, despite the snow on the ground and the blustery winds, the tulips are pushing their way up through the ground, and it’ll soon be spring again. And where am I?

Still standing, amazingly.

The Disney trip helped to close the door. Your comments and emails were as lovely as always, and even though I’m not be the most popular blog out there, I’m super fond of the great group of people who read me, and whom I read.

There are still a few hard times left to endure, but right now I’m feeling strong and confident.

Observant readers may have noticed the stupid girly weight loss ticker at the bottom of the page. Since I’ve been eating non-stop since June, I started Weight Watchers’ Online program last week. (No meetings to attend!) I lost 3.5 lbs so far. But then again, I’ve done this all before. You know this..I know this. So we’ll see.

A certain Minstrel Wandered his way into town again this weekend. Although I was under the weather, we had quite a lovely time. He makes me smile again. And what can you say about a guy who’ll willingly take your newly-reacquired dog for a walk while you rest and cough inside a warm apartment?

my guys

PS…I really want Heather Mills to fall on Dancing with the Stars. I just totally ruined the feel-good vibe of this post with that confession, didn’t I?

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  • Dave March 19, 2007 at 11:11 pm

    Glad to hear you’re better. Time heals all wounds.

    And don’t fell bad about the “girly” weight loss ticker. I’ve got one on my site, too. But unlike you, I’ve got 65 lbs. to lose in 140 days. Down 20 since the new year. A hour of Wii each night works wonders 🙂

  • A Cynic March 20, 2007 at 1:52 pm

    Did you know that there are books out there taking bets on whether her leg will fall off during the show? Last I heard the odds were something like 1:6 (you have to bet 600 to win 100)