Office MacGyver

February 13, 2007

Since having moved from my dee-luxe-apartment-in-the-sky-office to a cube that’s only a few inches wider than my wingspan, I’ve found the need to get rid of a lot of junk.

One day I found this charming artifact from pre-internet times – a yellow pages book – deposited on my desk. All in all, I find these books worthless anymore, so I chucked it under my desk. Today I found two beat-up mousepads in my drawer. (I’ve put off organizing the drawers in this desk in the hope I’ll get moved again to someplace more quiet). So in a moment of resourcefulness, I stapled them, traction side out, to the top and bottom of the phonebook. Voila! Instant footrest!

Multimedia message

Thi s link is pretty cool, too.

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