Apologies to Hallmark and Lifetime TV

You’ve surely seen the newest diamond conglomerate ‘style’ — the Journey collection. The diamonds start small at the top of the pendant and they grow as your Love grows through your life’s journey together.

(vomit break)

(wiping her lips) Ahem…so forgive me my bitter as St. Valentine’s Day looms close. If your journey is progressing well, look away. Otherwise, I present…Love’s REAL Journey.

love's REAL journey

Yet, I still believe in love and meeting someone who makes my soul sing when he walks in the door. And his soul singing back.


  • You’re not the only one dreading this insipid “holiday” this year. I think I’m already choking on my *own* bitterness.

    Otherwise, though, I’m a sappy happy guy, doncha think?

  • Beast: I want to do something for her…but what?

    Cogsworth: Oh, there’s the usual things: flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep.

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