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The C-word

December 8, 2006


It’ll happen this year, but probably a bit scaled-back. I’ll post up a “program guide” of when it’ll be up. I know all I need to do is start, and I’ll get into it. But my gosh this year is so different.

When I get home from work, or on the weekends, I just want to wrap myself up on the sofa in front of the TV or the laptop and take care of me. The Christmas season is difficult in strange ways. No decent workspace in the kitchen. No guy to eat up all the peanut butter cookies as I bake them. No dog to eat the messups.

From last year: (Sweet merciful crap! look at those blonde streaks!)

Damn. I don’t even have that knife this year. No more desire to even get out of the chair tonight. But I’ll do this. I promised myself I would.

Sometimes, on nights like this, I really really miss Kim v. 2.0. Unnaturally yellow hair and all.

Edited to add: Not crazy-sad anymore. I forgot to turn comments off on this one, too, as is my self-imposed policy.

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