Happy Birthday John!

John at Thanksgiving

Happy 27th (ha!) birthday to my brother. This is us at Thanksgiving. I think we’re going out to dinner tonight.

Congratulations to all the NaNoWriMo winners, especially Tommy who finished a novel almost 50% longer than required! Outline be damned, my mystery petered out. I’m still going to finish it up, but on my own timetable.

And since it’s now December (go away, 2006…geez already…just go!) I’m happy to announce that CookieCam will be arriving to the Internet on Saturday, December 9! I don’t have my baking stuff here yet, and will be swinging by the old homestead tomorrow to get it. BvP and Max are both doing well, by the way.


  • Thanks LGN. I’m not sure how good the overall product is, but I know with the editing I plan in March, I think it will be fine. Reading great writing such as yours and many others only inspires novice writers like myself. Thanks for the great effort you give to us readers.

    I’m pumped for Cookie Cam. Don’t forget the Santa Apron 🙂

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