A conspiracy!

First he says “Spare the pump, spoil the Jersey Girl,” then the Wandering Minstrel makes me pump gas during my Michigan trip!

Okay, alright. Anyone who knows me knows that I volunteered to do it. I think it’s pretty neat to not have to wait for an attendant to pump, and I only get to play with liquid flammables during out of state trips. I still need to work on “The Perfect Squeeze,” though.

I like my hair in this one. You won’t see me say that much.

Also, my red sofa arrived on Saturday. It’s taken a few months, but this place is finally starting to feel like home. Pictures once I get a new camera battery. (puts that on the shopping list that contains such sundries as: paper shredder, ironing board, Krazy Glue – my Goodness, the crap one needs to have a functioning household just slays me.)

And because I haven’t totally driven myself crazy yet, I’m joining NaNoWriMo again. This time I’m feeling pretty good about it since I have a plot in mind. A murder mystery!


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