How many snowflakes does it take to break a branch?

I read the gorgeous and divine Tertia’s site today, and this was the question she asked.

How many snowflakes does it take to break a branch?

Today my workspace was moved for the third time since February. Office gone. Now I’m sitting in a cubicle (the “walls” come up only 5 inches from the desk) in the middle of a crowded sales floor. No privacy. No chance for concentration, unless I bring in a headset and listen to music. People hanging over me to talk to the person sitting opposite of me. Not fun, no matter how it’s spun.

While I understand the reasoning behind the move – and I’m not dissing management, there is a good reason – the timing was just wrong. So many things have changed over the past year. This is another change. Another uprooting. At any other point in my life, I’d be okay with it and it’d just roll off of my back. But at this very time, when next week I should rightfully be going on a Disney vacation, and I’m going to divorce court instead, this is a huge fucking deal. And I can’t be objective about it today. Maybe in a month. But not today.

How many snowflakes does it take to break a branch?

Just one. The last one.


  • No matter how harsh and cold the winter is, the sun always comes out, with its warmth and love, and the snow melts away, as if it never was.

  • I cannot stand cubicles. Whoever created them should be tarred and feathered.

    They don’t increase productivity. They take away privacy. I’m in Sales and make a lot of phone calls, yet I have to worry about “disturbing” someone in the next cubicle.

    Cubicles suck.

  • I’ve been in sales for 7plus years… cubicles all the time. I hate the short cubicles….we have tall cubicles..much nicer..although it makes it harder to throw things at people…you have to be good at geometry and stuff…..Kim’s cubicles sound like the short she can just let go and pound objects at people.

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