Dear John Ramsey,

August 17, 2006

For 10 years I thought you were the cause of your daughter JonBenet’s death. I read every message board, every news story, watched every documentary I could. I was part of the Internet hysteria, and I told anyone who listened that your wife killed your daughter and you helped cover it up. I’m embarrassed that if you Google my username, one of the links that pops up is my participation in an online forum about the crime. (I also had a great theory about a paranoid p3doph!le “My Twinn” dollmaker that held very little water)

Apparently, I was wrong.

Please understand, though, that your family’s behavior and the botched crime scene activities of the Boulder Police Department that morning helped contribute to the umbrella of suspicion that you lived beneath for these 10 long years. I am sorry for all of the pain that surrounded you and your children, especially your son Burke.

Desite my fervor, I always swore that if Patsy was vindicated, I’d write her a handwritten letter apologizing. This revelation came too late for that. I hope this will suffice.

Kimberly Turberville

Edited to add: Humble pie aside, this is still just a REALLY weird situation. The more I read, the hinkier this ‘confession’ seems…

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  • Don August 20, 2006 at 7:26 am

    I still think he and/or his wife did it. And the guy who confessed to it just wants attention.