Archive - August 2006

The relaunch

Since I’ve…uh…had some time on my hands…

Remember that one? I decided rather than using 3 year old data, I’d start over fresh. So here we go. In a few days it’ll have some Google AdSense ads on it, so I can happily join the slew of sell-out bloggers.

And so the LadyGypsy *network* begins. Mua ha ha!

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Yes, we’re still friendly. In fact, if you speak poorly of him, I will cut you.
  2. Yes, I’m fully aware what I’m “entitled to,” but that doesn’t mean I’ll take it. See point 1.
  3. No, you really didn’t see this coming. We are very good at keeping our issues to ourselves. See point 1.
  4. Yes, the cats are with me and Max is staying at the house. The yard is his paradise. He patrols from corner to corner, protecting us against squirrels and rabbits. I can’t take him away from that.
  5. Why, yes, I do miss that dog every single day. He was my buddy.
  6. Yes, I chose to move out for a multitude of reasons
  7. Yes, someday I see myself married again. With children.
  8. Yes, someday I see the same for him.
  9. And yes, despite all that, I’m still heartbroken.

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