my Oregon trail

June 16, 2006

Back when I was in elementary school, there was one Apple computer in the building. There were two games for it: Lemonade Stand and the Oregon Trail. Only the gifted and talented group could use the computer (yes, I was, thanks) and the six of us would have played these games forever if we could have.

Today I embark on my own Oregon trail, hopefully one without dysentery, starvation or being washed way in a river. I’m meeting a group of dear friends who I’ve known through my various online games for years. I did this two years ago in Southern California and had a blast. This year we’re getting together in Portland.

Things I want to see on this trip:

I’m at the Philly airport now. My flight leaves at 7:23 and connects in Salt Lake City. I’m there for 2 hours or so. I didn’t sleep last night, so that I’ll be able to pass out on the plane and hopefully miss the time change shift. We’ll see how that goes.

And I discovered that navel rings do not trip the airport metal detectors in Philly. Because you were all dying to know that.

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  • Erin June 16, 2006 at 1:25 pm

    Just called your office and heard you were out.

    Brace yourself: they’re closing “Who want to be a Millionaire” in August!