vegas night 1

April 3, 2006

From the PhoneCam!

Night 1
Originally uploaded by ladygypsy.

We ate dinner at the buffet downstairs, which was not a good decision for 2 people who’ve been dieting. Our stomachs must have shrunk…didn’t get our money’s worth.

walked a bit…then BvP hit the hay at 6 vegas time…9 jersey time. Remember, he just got off his 7 nights on and went 27 hours w/o sleep.

I walked to the 1/2 price tickets booth, but only shows like ‘eROCKtica’ had tix left. Many shows were dark tonight, since it’s monday.

I got a hydro masage and the guy left me in there for 15 minutes for the price of 7. It rejeuvinated me. I watched a guy get arrested and hit some cheapy gift shops. Made my way to ny ny casino, where I rode the manhattan express coaster. I played some craps there and won other people heaps of $$ on my roll. (rolled 4 hard eights within rolls). Lost money on slots. Took the vegas monorail back to ballys paris, which is really epcot’s france but larger.

Crossed the street back here and

lost more $ on slots. Now I think i’m done for the night.

Pic is of the bellagio fountain show.

Observations so far:

vegas is like wdw pleasure island, atlantic city, and wildwood nj rolled into one. Except here you can buy booze anywhere.

phone sex and escort services are big business. Guys hand out little cards on the street with pic of 99 percent naked women on them. Most end up on the ground.

that said, any man who has sex with a girl whose pic he found on the street is just ASKING for mysterious itching.

CSI shirts are all the rage in the cheesy gift shop.

Back tomorrow with adventures in the desert rain!

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  • Tommy April 4, 2006 at 6:04 am

    Those guys with handing out the little cards are funny. I like how they snap the cards against each other while they are handing them out. Now I just go “No Mas!”.

    Have fun!