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September 7, 2005

Tonight I went back to yoga for the first time in a looooooooong time. I have dubbed this year…”Year of Vanity”** mainly because I think I really let myself go during year 32. Put on some lbs…wore the hair in a ponytail almost constantly…more comfy clothes than attractive clothes…ignored makeup.

Last week I wore some eyeshadow and mascara to work one day. Coworkers Damon and Shawn both immediately noticed. In a “whoa! you’re wearing makeup!” kind of way. Which isn’t all that great, if you think about it.

But anyway, yoga is one of the steps I need to take to regain my girlish vigor and charms, so off I went. And it was a struggle to hit the poses I used to hit (although my triangle is still ‘beautiful’ according to the instructor) both mentally and physically. My mind wandered the whole class..

I can’t believe I have to do the budget for the entire 2006 fiscal year by tomorrow!

I think for this year’s NaNoWriMo I’ll write a bodice ripper

Ow! Ow! Is that a hamstring??

Wait..I never edited “Tumble Dry” from last year’s NaNaWriMo

Will I get pregnant this year?

Jeez-n-crackers! What muscle was THAT?

Gonna wash that gray right outta my hair…

Did I give out the paycheck stubs today?

At the end of class, we relax. As I lay on my mat, the instructor anointed each of us with lavender oil and finally I felt my achy muscles melt. I fell into that sweet state that occurs right before I fall asleep where it feels like my body and head are floating and spinning in mid-air. But my mind had one more thing to say…

Thank you.

My b-day was wonderful…thanks to a 3-day weekend, great weather, and family. The “33” pic will come in a day or two. But now I need to either do my budget or hop into World of Warcraft.

**Probably not PC or sensitive to talk about something as trivial as a “year of vanity” when so many are suffering…but I’ve done and will continue to do my best to help out.

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  • tiger September 8, 2005 at 1:22 pm

    (and btw, your note to that naughty doctor was TOO MUCH! 🙂
    I think your “33” pic should be of YOU thoughtfully chewing on the earpiece of your glassses. 😉
    …& dang–I’m looking forward to “35” next year. It even *sounds* weird to me. Thirty-FIVE. ?!?! How did that happen?

  • Tommy September 9, 2005 at 3:32 pm

    I’m planning the Nanowrimo thing too. It should be fun. I have begun to think about some ideas when I was vacationing off the coast of CT at Enders Island. I’m looking forward to the challenge.