Happy “Birthday” Max!

August 16, 2005


Hard to believe that two years ago today, we brought Max home. He was a stray, found near an apartment complex. He was estimated to be 1-2 years old when the shelter got him.

Max is the most challenging animal I’ve ever owned. He has a hyper terrier personality, and he’s oh-so-very mischevious. He had a very hard start, as evidenced by the occasional possession issue (though he will “give” on my command, albeit reluctantly) and his fear of brooms, belts, and sticks. 🙁

He bit me twice in the first few months after we took him home. He didn’t break the skin, but it scared me. I knew that if I brought him back to the shelter as a ‘bite case’ he would have been finished. So I toughed it out. With thick gloves when necessary. Eventually, he learned to trust me.

Max is also a runner. If I opened the front door right now, away he’d go. Oh, he’d come back eventually, but on his own terms.

Now I look at that little scruffy body and smile. I call him my thug, but he’s really turned into a cuddly little dog. He’s constantly by my side. And he smiles! Yes, it’s just him baring his teeth..but he does it when he’s happy. It’s a most amazing thing.

Happy two years, buddy.

Max Facts:

  • Likes: Chewing, running, pillows, cuddling, Frosty Paws, the litter box (ew!), looking out the window, squeaky toys, chasing squirrels and bunnies and his nightly walks.
  • Dislikes: Thunderstorms, fireworks, brooms, belts, sticks, jalapeno peppers (don’t ask) and being left alone.

Big Summer Project launched on Thursday, exactly as planned. The ‘post-mortem’ meeting is tomorrow. What was it? It was the launch of a new Content Management System. It’ll make it mucho easier for the newsroom to manage their stories, and for us to organize the site. The downside is that it broke a heckuva lot of links. See? We slaved for thirteen weeks on the darn thing and it sounds that darn boring. 😉

Tomorrow is also the kick-off meeting for Big Fall Project. I really don’t think I’m giving away any secrets by saying that’s a site redesign. So look for a wider, brighter, more organized website for South Jersey’s BEST newspaper by the end of September. I honestly think this’ll take much less effort than Big Summer Project did..which’ll give me time to get back into my normal routine.

It’s week 2 without co-worker S and she is sorely missed. Not just because we’re shorthanded (although I keenly feel it this week) but because we’re such a small department…everyone’s close. I gotsta get on the stick and plan her Shower luncheon before the kid pops out! Now that Big Summer Project is over, I can think about it.

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  • Ani August 16, 2005 at 12:30 pm

    Happy Birthday Max and good luck with your coworker’s baby shower!