Valkyrie, your life force is running out

From the PhoneCam!

Big summer project
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2 days until the launch of Big Summer Project! This blog post is a shoutout to M who can’t wait to read about my take on this project .

Here is my take… We’ve been immersed in this since the end of May, and the saddest part is that to the casual reader of CPO, very little on the site will look different. I also think that we, the members of this rollout wave, have the worst luck EVAR, since we’ll have limited time to work on Big Fall Project.

The whiteboard contains such corporate-friendly terms as ‘automagically,’ ‘hot-rodding,’ and ’emperor publicus duckimus.’

Remember, there is no ‘i’ in ‘team,’ people. Work smarter, not harder. And take yourself out drinking on Thursday night.


  • “Valkyrie, your life force is running out”

    OMG! That flashes me back! I so loved that game!

    Remember when we played it at Disney Quest? Days after Sue chased some kid off of Q-Bert? 😀

  • So, Erin….Are you saying you want to go to Disney? The Bachelor Herd must hold a summit meeting to discuss the possibility. 🙂

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