Uncool: Automatic toilets

August 3, 2005

First in a (hopefully) continuing (but probably sporadic) series of thing that I used to think were nifty, cool, the bees’ knees…but now? Notsomuch.

Automated toilet flushing:

Then: When I was a kid and saw my first toilet flush on its own, I thought that we were 5 minutes from becoming the Jetsons.

Now: These things add a whole new level of paranoia to using a public rest room. In addition to worrying about seeing something untoward stuck to the stall walls or the beady, leering eyes of a 10-year-old boy whose Mom won’t let him use the men’s room alone, now I have to worry about shifting a millimeter in the wrong direction before I’m finished.

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  • tiger October 10, 2005 at 5:29 pm

    …yep. Thanks to these things being installed–and y’know–why exactly, do they have to flush so LOUDLY?? (at least all those we’ve come to use thus far do… we being my kids & I that is) Thanks to these things… it’s now become a common question from my 6 year old daughter–who has a *thing* about using potties other than ours at home ANYway… when we enter any public building, “they don’t have those ones that flush automatically here do they Mom?”

    I think that the sound of it is so loud (and y’know, like the little laser *eye* or whatever combined with the timer is at ALL geared toward a itty bitty 6 year old with a shy bladder… not so much)–anyway–I think she’s afraid it’s going to suck her right down with the water. She won’t use them.


    ryn: (chickening out) …there’s always next year! Although sometimes those kinds of things are better done totally spur of the moment… if you think about it too much–yeah–you CHICKEN OUT!! 😉
    Did you see that they raised almost ten grand? I think that’s really cool, actually.
    Enough with the note that shoulda been an email! 🙂