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The heck?

July 8, 2005

Okay. So it’s 3am and I’m blogging. In 45 minutes a Rapid Rover will shuttle me to the airport and I’ll be flying down to Dixieland (while dodging a tropical storm, a hurricane, and an orange alert, woohoo!) to tend to some non-blogable things. Baron vonPlaque is there and has been there since 6/29. We’ll both be returning on Monday night.

The ever-courteous Online Salesman Extraordinaire coworker P offered to take me to the airport today. For a 6:20am flight. Is that not the nicest thing? Naturally I declined the offer…it’s awfully early. But I was touched nonetheless. Incidentally…I decided to forgo sleep tonight. It’s a very bad decision. Hopefully I’ll sleep on the flights.

Late night tidbits:
This came as a huge shock to me, as I thought Zsa Zsa had been dead for years.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the citizens of London, and England as a whole. There are really no words. Events like this make my entire blog seem as relevant as belly button lint.

J. Peterman should have won. I hope he gets a lot of great work from his exposure here. Yes, Virginia, I was hooked on Dancing with the Stars too. At least I know I wasn’t alone.

For the first time ever, I went to the library today and it did not have the book I was looking for. So I had to diversify a bit. I chose the Lillian Jackson Braun mystery despite it’s uber-girly hot pink cover. (see reading list on the right) Apparently, cats solve mysteries. Okaaaaaaaaay…

Reasons why I shouldn’t attempt to run to the library with only 10 minutes left in lunch:

  • Library patrons are slow, slow, slow, slow, slow. Slow in the parking lot. Slow in the self-checkout line. Slow in the restrooms.
  • It’s summer, which means huge gangs of bored children roam the library and take up all the public use computers and the ‘card catalog’ computers. I think kids are the loudest whisperers I’ve ever heard.
  • Snippet of conversation overheard in parking lot:
    “Seriously! Why do I have to choose from Mrs. Ms. or Miss? Why should I offer up myself to be judged by committing to a title! I should just be known as me!” Yeah…good point…but wasn’t this a hot topic 25 years ago? Don’t check off the darn box, that’s all! I bet she has a cross stitch wall hanging of the Love is kids at home.

    Ooof. I miss sleeping.

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  • DMadCat July 10, 2005 at 1:45 pm

    You should check out Jack White’s Arthurian series (not sure of the name). They start out with a bit of a roman slant to them but they’re a good read.