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June 5, 2005

disney montage

I thought I’d be polite and tell you about the ‘guess where I am’ images posted during my Memorial Day Disney weekend.

1) The seat upholstery on Disney’s Magical Express busses. For the 50th anniversary celebration, Disney will now take you from the airport to your hotel (and back) for free! The downside is that you stop at other hotels on both trips. Our hotel was the first stop on the way to WDW (yay!) but also the first pickup on the way back to the airport (boo!). It’s free for now, but I think Disney’s going to start charging for it after the Happiest Celebration on Earth’s finished. (To be replaced by the ‘Marginally happy celebration in North America’ event I suppose.)

2) Disney’s Contemporary Resort. This was my first time staying there, and it was a lot nicer than I thought and much nicer than the photographs I’ve seen. It’s walking distance from the Magic Kingdom, and on the resort monorail line. We stayed in the North Garden wing. Unfortunately, due to the jampacked weekend, we didn’t have a chance to sit by the pool or lake.

3) Jiminy Cricket is Walt Disney World’s official environmental conscience.

4) The bedspread at the Contemporary. If you let your head fall to the left, you’ll see that the green squigglies are actually Mickey heads!

Mom and I arrived Friday night and left Monday afternoon. We experienced:

  • Concourse Steakhouse: (restaurant, Contemporary) My first time there. I had a great steak and watched the monorail pass overhead.
  • Citrico’s (restaurant: Grand Floridian) : First time there as well. I had…more steak. It was pretty swanky. Until I spilled the mini gravy boat onto the crisp white tablecloth.
  • Mama Melrose (restaurant: Disney Studios): Yummy chicken parmigiana; part of the Fantasmic Dinner Package
  • Fantasmic (nighttime show at Disney Studios): Sorcerer Mickey rocks!
  • Cinderellabration (performance at Magic Kingdom): Say it five times fast. Pretty cute. Very Princessy.
  • Soarin! (new attraction in Epcot’s Land pavilion): Well, not new to Mom and me since we rode it twice at Disney’s California Adventure. It’s awesome!
  • Flower and Garden Festival (In Epcot from April 15th until this weekend): Very pretty. Most of the flowers were in bad shape by the time we arrive, due to the crazy heat.
  • Spectromagic (Magic Kingdom nighttime parade): With Mom’s permission, I’ll tell you a cute story about our time waiting for this parade. But only if she says okay.
  • Wishes (Magic Kingdom Nighttime fireworks): “When you wish upon a star” is one of 2 Disney songs that makes me borderline-weepy. (“Baby mine” is the other.) Wishes takes that song, expands it, pulls ‘wishing’ excerpts out of movies, and adds a Jiminy Cricket narration and fireworks to it. Fantastic, even for people like me who are bored of fireworks.

And lots more. Pictures eventually.

Tomorrow is Week 1 of June business travel. Co-worker Damon (not to be confused with the MILLIONS of Damons out there), Co-worker Shawn (he of the neatly designed but never updated himandkim.com) and I are going to Gannett corporate headquarters for training. I’ll have the celly and laptop with me, so blogging will continue!

I was warned about this three times by coworkers…so I will be sure not to touch the blue ball.

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  • Tommy June 5, 2005 at 10:32 am

    It’s about time that Disney gives Jiminy Cricket the respect he deserves. I personally find him a refreshing change of character from “The Mouse”. I put Jiminy Cricket and Eeyore as my two favorites. I still think Eeyore deserves more respect, but I guess “The Mouse” lets Winnie the Pooh run that division of the corporation!

    Glad you had fun!!!

  • Tommy June 5, 2005 at 10:33 am

    Just an addendum to my comment….it is Disney and “The Mouse” who don’t seem to give those characters the respect they so richly deserve.

  • AD June 5, 2005 at 10:44 am

    The trip was wonderful!