Warning! Non-PC!

June 4, 2005

So…it’s wrong for us to splash urine on prisoners’ copies of the Quran … but over 15 years ago an artist was awarded $15,000 (by the National Endowment for the Arts) for submerging a crucifix in his own urine, naming it Piss Christ and calling it art.

When Muslims rage against the Quran thing, it’s justified. (Look at that big bad mean USA!) But if Christians get upset over slights toward our religion, we’re right-wing fundie screwballs.

Still with me? OK. Here comes the rage toward the other side.

The Newsweek story alleging attempts to flush the Quran down a toilet* came out May 9. The riots broke out…the US Gov’t demanded a retraction.

Why why why why WHY did the government wait (almost) a whole freaking month to say, “well…we didn’t try to FLUSH the books but we did inadvertanly get urine on the books. Our bad!” Don’t they know this makes us look horrible? Even when they release this story late Friday night/early Saturday morning when it’s best to release stories that need to be buried?

Is there a political party out there for people with common sense? Because I’m tired of the one that’s in power now, and I still have major problems with the ones who aren’t.

* I tell ya..what kind of super duper toilets do they have in Gitmo anyway? Much be better than our suburban loos, since sometimes I fear attempting to flush paper towel down my own!

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  • dr. dave June 4, 2005 at 11:22 am

    I think there is a TINY difference between an exercise of free speech in a museum where people CHOOSE to PAY to get IN, and a psychological tactic used on PRISONERS who are being DETAINED against their will, often for no reason other than their skin colr and, yes… their religion.

  • johnnyblack June 4, 2005 at 12:34 pm

    WHY did the government wait for a “freaking month”? Because this government (which I did not vote for) and this president ( who I did not vote for) have been LYING to us about EVERYTHING for the last 5 years. They (the prez and his henchmen) are doing what they know how to do best! Damn the constitution, we have a war here!!!! Damn the environment, we need oil!!! Dammit! It’s Friday, why aren’t I at Camp David??