juror 559

Jury duty

The county courthouse is really called the Hall of Justice. I took public transportation into Camden this morning and by 11am was called up to the courtroom w/49 buddies. By the time the 8 member jury was sworn in, only 22 of us were left.
Back downstairs we went.
Now it’s lunchtime. My choices are the ‘Williedogz’ cart, an unnamed cart, or Ernie’s snack shop inside the building. I’ll be dining outdoors today, with a glorious view of the prison. You SO want to be me today.


  • Oooh, I did jury duty at the Camden County Hall of Justice about ten years ago, and there was a place about a block from the Hall that did panzarottis! They’re yummy! (Have fun participating in our justice system. Watch out for the Legion of DOOM! Hee hee…)

  • I wasn’t part of the jury pool sent upstairs for the second trial, so my afternoon at the Hall of Justice was uneventful at best.

    I ended up at Williedogz for lunch. Yes, Mel, Ernie is blind. I was amazed at how he ran that joint while blind. You tell him what you’re buying, he gives you the total (I imagine he counts in his head, even though there is a cash register in front of him) and then you tell him what you’re giving him, currency-wise.

    I suspect he sees just enough to know whether or not you’re ripping him off. 😉

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